Security cards

If you have existing cards and you don't know what type they are, we can help.

Below are some typical features to allow identification.

Wiegand Cards

Uses buried wires to encode a unique number of up to 32 data bits. Not to be confused with a magnetic stripe card which is familiar to most people as the brown stripe on the back of many cards.

Card Image

Identifying Features

  • Card used with Mercury Terminal
  • Card number is printed top right
  • Often card is printed with a generic blue and grey Cardkey logo
  • In operation, PLC or Host Computer system reports a hidden "Site Code" number that is unique to the customer/site

Proximity Cards

Uses an aerial and silicon chip embedded within the card to transmit, to a close by receiver, the encoded card number. Range is limited typically to a few centimeters. There are many types of these cards however only a particular version of the HID card is used with the Sentry Card Reader. We are able to supply other types, for example MIRO, and dual technology cards such as MIRO combined with Wiegand.

Card Image

Identifying Features

  • Card used with Sentry Card Reader
  • Card number is printed top right
  • Card is supplied blank but may have been overprinted with a company logo
  • HID logo embossed into body of card
  • Card is quite thick and made up of two parts
  • A slot is often cut into one side of the card

Finally, if you are not confident in identifying your card type please send us a sample to our contact address and we'll do our best.

It would also help to fill in as much information as you can on our Card Information Sheet. This is available for download in either PDF format or Postscript format.

You can return the form to us by Fax or Mail or Email.