Emulator Image

Download the Demo Here (Zipped, 3.9MB)


  • Looks and behaves like a standard Mercury, on-screen
  • Allows for the development and testing of host without the need for the Mercury hardware
  • Enables PC based training of operators
  • A "record" mode allows the capture of transmissions for debugging
  • Alternative keyboards available
  • Car swipe facility available
  • Runs on Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP
  • Other operating systems on request
  • Operates through the PC standard serial port but intra-PC communication mode (using TCP/IP sockets) available on request


Installation on Windows

Download the package into a convenient place on your computer. Unpack the Zip file and using Windows Explorer, double click on the M2Demo.exe file.

If you would like the full version please contact us for details.

Notes for full version

The first available port (typically COM1) is used on startup but to change, select from the "File" menu. Make sure that any application that uses the required serial port (such as Palm Pilot HotSync) is closed

For further details and prices please contact us