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  • For use in Safe Areas
  • Designed specifically for Turbine Flow meters
  • Secure signal transmission over distances up to 1km
  • Variety of output signal options


The ST106 Pre-Amplifier is specifically designed for use with Turbine flow meters.

Its purpose is to amplify the mV a.c. signals from a typical flow meter pick-up coil and convert them into signals suitable for secure transmission to a remote flow computer which can be up to 1km away. The Pre-Amplifier has its frequency response tailored to the amplitude/frequency signals typical of most turbine meters.

A variety of output signal options cater for 2-wire current modulation, 3-wire voltage or open-collector outputs and finally a voltage differential driver similar to RS422. An application note is available which details the range of output options and provides more technical information.

For Dual-Pulse applications in custody transfer metering installations, two of these Pre-Amplifiers will be required. The continuity of the pick-up coil across terminals 10 & 11 is constantly monitored. If the coil becomes o/c this puts the Q and Q* output both low which allows the open circuit to be sensed by the remote flow computer.

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