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  • Approved to BASEEFA EEx ib IIC T4
  • IP65
  • User friendly configuration software
  • High speed communications
  • Wide range of protocol support
  • Profibus available
  • User programmable
  • Long distance communications
  • Real Time Clock

ISIS 300 Intrinsically Safe Data Terminal

The ISIS 300 slimline terminal offers an easily programmable, robust and cost effective operator interface specifically designed for Zone 1 hazardous areas. The ISIS 300 is particularly suitable for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas and other applications

Intrinsically safe and certified to meet the stringent requirements of the ATEX directive, the ISIS 300 is suitable for the most demanding of hazardous areas.

Combined with the Graphical User Interface that is part of the "ENVOY" software suite, the wide range of available protocols covering most available PLCs and also the availability of the latest bus systems, the ISIS 300 offers a seamless integration into control systems.

With the on-board processor and memory, the ISIS 300 can run self-contained programs or act as a simple terminal. The "supertwist" high contrast LCD graphics display allows both text and graphics to be clearly displayed and means the ISIS 300 is perfectly suited to applications such as trending, plant mimics and alarm handling as well as the more straightforward operator interface applications.

Wall or panel mounting options and a shallow depth of only 94mm makes installation simple and the unit can be sited up to 300m away from the safe area power supply.

Terminal Emulation

The IS303 Terminal emulation package allows the ISIS to be set up from the keyboard to emulate any of the following protocols:

  • VT100.
  • VT52.
  • PC Terminal.
  • TV 925/950.
  • ADDS Viewpoint A2.
  • WYSE WY50.
  • ADM31.

Password Protection

The choice of emulation, terminal set up and all parameters can only be accessed by password. Once set, all parameters are held in battery-backed memory and are automatically restored should power be disconnected.

Error Logging

The IS303 terminal emulation package maintains a record of serial reception errors. This provides communications managers with an error log report including times, dates and numbers of characters lost, to assist with communication fault location.

Customised Applications

The combination of IOS (ISIS Operating System) IS303 terminal emulation package, together with space for a further two IC's allows unique software to be installed to meet specific customer needs.

Intrinsic Safety

ISIS is approved by CENELEC as intrinsically safe. Explosion proof enclosure or purged cabinets are not required.


ISIS comes with IOS (ISIS Operating System), a powerful software operating system compatible with MS-DOS which implements, amongst other facilities, memory based file handling, display windowing and keyboard customization. The display uses selectable character fonts in a variety of different sizes.

On Board Processor

IOS, together with the on-board processor, means that ISIS can also be customized with other dedicated software to meet specific user requirements.

Application Development for Systems Builders

A very powerful development environment is easily achieved by using an ISIS running IOS linked to a personal computer.

Information Displayed Local to the Process

Data is provided to operators at the work point in the hazardous area, where it is needed most. This ensures higher safety standards, increased productivity and improved quality.

Washdown Membrane Keypad

A washdown membrane keypad makes ISIS the obvious choice for clean/sterile areas.

Optional Housings

The IS303 terminal emulation package can also be fitted to other, panel mounted, versions of ISIS.

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