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  • Provides the power of a PC in the hazardous area.
  • Measuring just 465 x 335 x 160mm.
  • Contains 15" TFT colour display.
  • PLC interface option.
  • Provides a single, self-contained control station without the need for a separate server PC.
  • Specially ruggedised for use in harsh environments, the ISIS 800 is simple to install and will run any standard software packages.
  • Range includes 12.1" and 18" displays
  • Operating temperature range is 0-40C
  • Certified EEx de (ib) T6 Zone 1
  • Supply: 85-250V AC or 24V DC, 50W (approx)

ISIS 800 Hazardous Area PC

The ISIS 800 is a complete PC for use in hazardous areas. The unit comprises of a membrane keyboard, an integral pointing device together with a 15" TFT colour display.

The display is of XVGA resolution (1024 x 768) allowing 256000 colours. The LCD display is backlit using a cold-cathode flourescent lamp producing a bright, 300 cd/m2 screen.

The PC can be supplied with MS DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Embedded NT and others on request.

The communications interfaces include Ehternet 10/100 and 4 serial channels and a parallel port. Mass storage devices may be connected using SCSI and/or fast IDE. There is also a PC104 interface for hardware expansion.

The power requirements can be satisfied by a universal 85-250V AC supply or 24V DC. The power consumption is 50W (approx).

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