Web Camera Image


  • Internal web-server.
  • Connects directly to TCP/IP Ethernet.
  • Utilizes your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Live video stream to standard web browser.
  • No additional software required (eliminates licensing costs).
  • No need for video monitors, quads or switch boxes.
  • Multiple cameras and multiple viewers on one network.

NCAM-8006 Web Camera

The NCAM-8006 Network camera system is designed for monitoring areas made potentially hazardous by the presence of flammable liquids, gases or vapours. The camera connects DIRECTLY to an Ethernet and allows any computer on the network to view the live video stream using a standard web browser. No additional software is required for the client machines, no server computers are required, the camera's internal web-server interacts directly with the pre-existing browser in client machines. Still images can be Emailed or uploaded to a website automatically at regular intervals or by connecting external sensors to the camera (e.g. motion sensors). The still images can be sent when an event is triggered.

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